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Car rental in Palermo

Welcome , if you are looking for a car rental in Palermo.

Here you can find out all the advantages of renting a car from Nolo In Rental Car. From the airport or the central station, from the port or from any other domicile, Wherever you will the the possibility to rent a car without a credit card, economic prices and the certainty of not being charged with other unforeseen expenses.

But let’s look specifically at the advantages of renting a car in Palermo with Nolo In Rental Car:

  • rent a car at Palermo airport
  • car rental in Palermo without a credit card
  • cheap car hire in Palermo


As we mentioned above, you can rent a car in Palermo at the Punta Raisi airport (also called Falcone & Borsellino). Arrived at the airport of Palermo, you will find our operator to deliver the car you rented during the booking process. You can request a quote for car hire at Palermo airport, without a credit card! We will send you a detailed quote as soon as possible explaining the terms of the rental in a clear and exhaustive way. Transparency towards our customers is our top priority.


In addition to the airport, we offer the car rental service in the port or at the station of Palermo. Many tourists and travelers arrive in Palermo by sea or by train. Nolo In Rental Car has also thought of you, our operator will be happy to let you find the car you rented at the port or at the station of Palermo.


Are you looking for a car rental without a credit card in Palermo? Nolo In Rental Car is a car rental without a credit card in Palermo. You can rent the car without the use of a credit card so as not to risk receiving bad surprises. As often happens in fact, you can find charges on your credit card without knowing the reason. This derives from the lack of clarity with which the car hire interacts with its customers. We at Nolo In Rental Car are keen to let you know that the prices presented in the quote stage are exactly the amount you will pay to rent the car.


Among the many low cost car rentals in Palermo, Nolo In Rental Car offers a qualitatively superior service in terms of customer assistance. It often happens that many low cost car rentals in Palermo, advertise cars to rent a few euros a day. It would seem advantageous but this type of offers have limitations that result in nasty surprises, such as the addition of deductibles or other taxes that are charged once the rental is made. The end result will be that you have spent a lot more. Our services are different, you will not spend a euro more than the quote we will send you.